Frequently Asked Questions

How do we come up with our video game prices?

We update our prices daily from completed eBay listings. We gather all of the data and send it through our algorithm to determine the current going rate one should expect to pay for a given game.

What do 'Loose', 'Complete', 'New', and 'Graded' stand for?

A game that does not come with the original box or manual.
A game that does come with the original box and manual included.
A game that is still sealed in the original packaging.
A game that has been graded by Wata or other grading service.

What does 'NA' stand for?

'NA' stands for Not Available. This occurs because we have yet to find a completed listing that meets the criteria for this condition of the game. If you know of a completed listing that will fill this void please contact us here and let us know the item number so that we can add it to our database. We take pride in our video game prices and hate missing listings but every once in a while a few will slip through the cracks. The help of our users is always appreciated!

Why is the price listed on GVN sometimes less than what is displayed on ebay?

Prices can be displayed as lower on our site compared to Ebay due to GVN being able to pull `Best Offer` prices from sold listing. Ebay no longer displays the actual sale price of `Best Offer` listings. In fact, the exact sold price of `Best Offer` listings cannot be found anywhere on the ebay's website. Fear not, we are still able to pull these `Best Offer` prices which is yet another reason we offer the most accurate video game prices around.